Gantz: O

Gantz: O is based on a pretty popular Manga – Gantz. The “O” in the title seems to indicate the fact that this is based on the Osaka story arc. Gantz is a very violent, gory and sexually explicit manga. Having said that it does have an interesting story and world. When people die at […]

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Pandemic is a camera point of view zombie movie which was hard to watch as the violence was often too graphic (heads beaten until they splat open). The movie is often claustrophobic so it was scary. But there are things that I thought was outright stupid though. For example, how can you impersonate a famous […]

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Midnight special

Midnight Special is a very cool movie – I liked it. I came into this movie not know much at all so the start was a mystery to me. The opening sequence made me think some sort of bank heist is about to happen until a child is revealed. I enjoyed the fact that there […]

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