Justice League

I went into Justice League with low expectations and to be honest, it sort of met them. Justice League is definitely not the worst DC movie to come out in recent years, but it’s also not the best (Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman respectively). Whilst it’s a long movie, it does have a lot of […]

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Fate of the Furious

When I saw Fast 5, I was charmed by the Fast & the Furious franchise. I watched all the movies to catch up with the “story” before I watched Fast & the Furious 6. Having said that Fate of the Furious just wasn’t fun. I take issue with the treatment of characters in this movie. […]

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Thor: Ragnarok

The Thor movies have always been comedic and the third film is no exception. Actually, it takes that and runs it into the extreme making it my favourite one of the three. The jokes came flying in early and very often but I never actually grew tired of the comedy. In fact, Thor’s embarrassing acts, […]

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Paladins – Diamond rank

So Paladins is probably my favourite game right now. No only have I been playing every night, I’ve read forums, watched videos of good players and follow the developer notes. After all of this I have somehow achieved Diamond rank. I wasn’t really aiming for it, but I just prefer the ranked mode instead of […]

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