Ori and the Blind Forest


Do not read ahead (or watch the video) if you haven’t played Ori and don’t want spoilers.

I picked up Ori and the Blind Forest and I’m really loving it. The platform gameplay, beautiful graphics amazing musical score and tear jerking intro makes Ori a special game for me. I’ve never cried for any video games and Ori was close to being the first. The opening is so sad that it tugs at your heart making you root for Ori during her adventure. I like that the “boss” battles isn’t some tedious boss fight but are traversal puzzles. These are definitely more fun than finding a bosses pattern and weak point as that would depart from Ori’s gameplay. Below is the end of a chapter and instead of a boss battle, I’m tasked with getting the hell out of there using all the different skills I have just acquired.


Recorded offline fights

So Nth Gen Media has kindly uploaded some videos of my embarrassing play at Sakura Fight Festa 2015.

The format was simple, two pools of four with the top two players from each progress further in the tournament. I was quite happy to be able to play at least three games, after all, I hadn’t the chance to play much at all. I did quite well at the round robin stage, I won two out of three matches. Although I felt my fightstick wasn’t working that well through the converter. I swear in one match my character was crouching longer than I intended to even when my stick was in neutral.

Anyway, I found myself somehow in the top four. The following is my match against the top player (who won the tournament) of the other pool. I couldn’t really do anything as the pressure got the better of me and I started to panick.

I lost my match so I had to fight for a chance to get back into the tournament. I had to play the other guy who lost his quarter finals match. It was a lot closer but I don’t really know Bayman that well. So alot of his attacks were surprises to me.

All in all it was a very enjoyable experience. The Dead or Alive crowd was welcoming and hardly anyone knew each other so I guess that helped us bond a little bit better. I got fourth place and my current skill and knowledge wouldn’t really have gotten me any higher to be honest. I did well though, considering I’ve only started playing Nyotengu for a few weeks and didn’t have access to training mode or any means of playing against a person. I’ve been playing DoA since the first one but only really started applying frame data to my play in DoA5U.

Next year, I will do better.


Sakura Fight Festa – my result

So Sakura Fight Festa in London was my first offline experience and it was a good one. Everyone was friendly and joined in with the hype – it was just all about the fun. I managed to get fourth place but never really had a shot at the top three places. The other players were too good for me to do anything against right now. It didn’t help my inputs were a bit funny. I don’t know whether it’s the converter or my actual stick but sometimes it doesn’t do what I want, i.e. dash.

I hope my Xbox One version of Dead or Alive gets fixed soon. I really want to be able to play against people!


Hisako… super scary character…

Waahh!!!! Oh my god! I hate her entrance. But I also love it. Hisako is Iron Galaxy’s latest Killer Instinct character to be revealed. She is one scary girl.

Her moves are quite good, I like her countering abilities. Only thing is you have to manage her wrath meter. Which acts as a good balance feature for the character. Her game seems to be instilling fear into her opponent which is great for the nature of her character. Well done Iron Galaxy!


Sakura Fight Festa – here I come!

So that’s it, I’ve registered to participate in the upcoming Sakura Fight Festa in London. I’ve always wanted to experience offline tournament play and with one being so close, it’s a good chance for me to experience it.

I’ve had to buy a universal converter so that my Xbox 360 fight stick can work on the PS3s that will be used. Which reminds me, I need to fix up my fight stick before March 21st. Should be quite simple though.

It’s great that it’s for Dead or Alive, it’s one of my favorite franchises and was the reason I bought an Xbox 360. Lets hope I get a good result.

Sakura Fight Festa attendees



Game Informer’s final coverage of Rise of the Tomb Raider

Game Informer’s month long exclusive coverage of Rise of the Tomb Raider has come to an end. Their final coverage is in the form of a special podcast where they’ve asked their readers to ask them questions and they’ll volley them towards Crystal Dynamics.

I created an account just to ask them a question and I will go to Game Informer more often as I like their style. My question was:

The experience of the first game was wonderful!

I liked the encounters when discovering a new area, but upon returning, they were always empty. Whilst I don’t think it’ll be fun if the same enemies appeared again when returning to the map, I do feel it’d be better if there was some small pockets of enemies to deal with. What approach will Rise of the Tomb Raider take?

– 19:00 minutes into the podcast

His answer was quite long and it wasn’t a yes or no answer. From his reply though, I think some enemies who will “respawn”, but there are “other incentives” to revisit an area “once, twice, multiple times”. Woohoo! I think there’s going to be decent replay-ability with Rise of the Tomb Raider.

I liked this podcast, there were some really interesting questions and I learnt a little bit more about the upcoming game thanks to questions from others. The music at the beginning and end sounded like a “more mature” version of the score used in the reboot Tomb Raider game. Liking it.

I’m also happy that the novel I read is referenced in the new game in some way. In the book, Lara is searching for a supernatural artefact to heal Sam. There were three main parties looking for it and one of them was Trinity. There’s also a guy in there who fancies Lara and in the end, thinks she’s dead. Would be interesting if this will tie in with the game and if people who haven’t read it will understand this. Also, I don’t remember Lydia actually dying. She was punched in the stomach and passed out when fighting Trinity if I remember correctly. I remembered this as one of the questions from the podcast was whether there will be any female enemies as opposed to 2013 game’s all male baddies. It’d be pretty cool if Lydia makes an appearance – not necessarily as a foe, but just someone who is trying to find purpose in her life as The thousand immortals are gone. Or at least I think they are…
****** END OF SPOILER*******

It’s a good podcast with lots of goodies in there. If you like Tomb Raider, you should definitely check out Game Informer’s special Rise of the Tomb Raider podcast:


Game Informer has done a great job covering Lara’s next adventure. Thanks! (not that you guys will read this.)


Team Ninja has fixed 2 important bugs

Yay! Team Ninja has fixed Dead or Alive 5 Last Round for the Xbox One (and 360). Thank God! The online mode is running very smoothly now and is amazing fun. It’s great that the arcade stick is working too!

There were 2 major bugs that stopped me from fully enjoying the game. The online modes and oddly, arcade stick didn’t work. Despite their “fix” on the FAQ, I hadn’t been able to play a single online match (it’s all fine now). Every attempt has frozen the game and booted me to the start screen. However, whilst this was going on, I could still play the offline options with a control pad. It’s not a bad controller, but my mind is so hotwired to an arcade stick now, it feels unnatural.

So whilst Team Ninja have been busy, I’ve taken this opportunity to play the offline training modes; half wishing I could’ve made the most of this experience with an arcade stick.

Nyotengu combo trials:

Nyotengu command training: