Spider-Man: Far from home

Just come back from watching Spider-Man: Far from home and I have to say it’s excellent. Like the previous Spider-Man, the portrayal of Peter Parker is spot on. The humour is great that had me laughing pretty much most of it – especially the side story between Aunt May and Happy. That was really funny. […]

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From the get go I knew the story in Polar was going to be shallow. I just didn’t know what kind of movie it is. I really liked Polar for it’s style. It has a gritty look with over the top violent scenes but what made it watchable was the dark humour. It worked for […]

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Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel, the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a fun and entertaining origin story to the most powerful hero yet. Captain Marvel or Carol Danvers is one of my favourite comic book superheroes. It started off as a teenage crush (I mean just look at this pic…) But as I got older […]

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Power Rangers

Power Rangers is a brave remake of one of my favourite TV shows when I was a child. Everything has been upgraded from the children’s bright colour setting into a more serious tone. It didn’t work for me – the story was stupid and it doesn’t explain how Rita changed from a Ranger to… whatever […]

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Soul Calibur 6

I was so excited for Soul Calibur 6, it looked great in the reveal trailer and some of my favourite characters were returning. It was a no brainer, I had to pre-order the game. I loaded the game up and waited for the game. Actually, there’s a lot of waiting – you see, the menu […]

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