Decisions, decisions…

puzzled face

First post on my blog! yooohoooooo

Well thanks for visiting my blog, hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for here – although there won’t be much now as I’m still working on it.

There is actually a lot more work involved with starting a blog than what I first imagined. Before today, my impression of starting a blog was: “pft, a blog, how hard can it be?” and after starting my first one today, I found it to be very time consuming to get started and to get everything the way you want it to.

Just deciding the name took me a while. I originally wanted to use “Cheeky Gamer” as it sounded good and because most people seem to make it a mission to tagging “cheeky” to my name, i.e. – Cheeky Chi. So I thought “perfect, now I only need a place where I can blog for free!” and as usual, this was never going to be so straight forward. That username is available on wordpress but someone is already using it on blogspot and I didn’t want people to mistake this blog as his and I wanted something original. I kept on thinking for a while – I became quite desperate and was on the edge of using “Cheeky Games” which sounds more like a games developer than a blog. I then came up with “just another gamer” and thought “that sounds wicked!” but that was taken too. So I gave up and used my Xbox live name: CheekyChi. I wasn’t happy that I couldn’t use my first choice… I felt it was my right to use! So I put “the cheeky gamer” as my tag line to make myself feel better. MUHAHAHAHA! (so sad, I know)

Something else I found when looking for a name to use is the number of empty blogs out there. Someone obviously wanted to start a blog but the amount of time and effort needed to see it through probably put them off. Which is a shame as they were using some really good names too –, and so on…

Despite the time and effort it’s taking, I’m actually enjoying the experience so far and I’ve already got a few topics in my head that I’m just bursting to write about!

I guess that’s enough for for now, hopefully I didn’t bore you too much with my random burp. See ya



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