X-Men Vs Street Fighter

Xmen Vs Street Fighter cover

A while back when Oriental City (it’s knocked down now) was still called Yohan, I remember playing X-Men Vs Street Fighter in the arcades there. Of course I wasn’t any good at it but I still loved the fighting action in it so you could probably understand the excitement when Sega Saturn Magazine reported that there was going to be a European release on the Saturn. Yes, this was a very long time ago – when I was still in secondary school in fact!

I still remember that part of the article was a if Street Fighter A fought X-Men B, who would have really won and why. I remember enjoying the article yet disagreed with some of their opinions so I thought it’d be quite fun to do my own version. I’m trying to use the same matchups as the magazine did but since it was quite a while ago I’ll have to guess some of them.

Ryu Vs Cyclops

Yes, Cyclops can level mountains with his laser but Ryu being a top martial artist and one of the strongest character in the SF universe I’d say Ryu won’t go down without a fight. This fight would be all down to distance, whilst I’m sure Cyclops is a very capable combatant, I doubt he’s as good as someone who devotes his whole life to training so he’d want to keep his distance and try to take out Ryu with his laser beams. Ryu’s got the more difficult job of chasing down his opponent and getting close enough to unleash his moves. Ryu’s still got his hadouken so he’s still got a chance if he can’t get close enough – if any of you have seen ‘Street Fighter 2: the animated movie’ will know how powerful the hadouken is. I will give this one to Ryu simply because he is an epic martial artist who can fight at nearly any distance.

Outcome: Ryu

Ken Vs Gambit

America’s national karate champion and Ryu’s old training partner: Ken vs Gambit the pole fighter with a deck of exploding cards. This one is going to be close since Gambit is armed and Ken is not. But there’s no rule which says the person with a weapon automatically wins. I’ve seen Gambit fight with his stick in X-Men comics before and I wouldn’t say he’s useless with it but nor would I say he’s as good as a shaolin monk. Both Ken and Gambit are very agile fighters but like Ryu, I’m inclined to say Ken’s fighting experience, speed and refined skills will help him win this bout.

Outcome: Ken

Charlie Vs Wolverine

Charlie can fight at distance with sonic booms and fight up close and will be a tough cookie to beat but Wolverine’s adamantium claws and his ferocity would probably make him the favourite here. I don’t think there’s anything Charlie can do except for avoiding a head on fight and avoiding Wolverine’s claws. The damage Charlie can output (on Wolverine) compared to Wolverine is nothing. Since you can’t exactly break his bones… I think unless Charlie is able to come up with a very good strategy, his chances of winning are very slim.

Outcome: Wolverine

Dhalsim Vs Sabertooth

Sabertooth is pretty much a bigger version of Wolverine but slightly less agile but he is a psycho so he’s a very dangerous man. Dhalsim is pretty much the opposite, a very calm and intelligent individual (or that’s how I see him). In game’s he is slow but he can jump very high and teleport! Oh and he can also breathe out fire. So he could pretty much take advantage of the fact that his teleportation will confuse his opponent and in that split second of confusion, take the opportunity to deal some real damage. Although Sabretooth also have the healing factor, I doubt the wounds he’ll sustain from will heal fast enough during the fight.

Outcome: Dhalsim

Zangief Vs Juggernaut

Err.. Zangief wrestles bears in the snow for his training and the Juggernaut can throw tanks around and thanks to the Gem of mystical entity Cyttorak he’s become an immortal. So… probably safe to say Juggernaut will win this without having to try very hard.

Outcome: Juggernaut

Cammy Vs Rogue

Cammy is a trained assassin and is under Bison’s mind control (and also have some of Bison’s psycho power) she’s definitely a more polished fighter than Rogue who just rushes in head first. However, Rogue has had buildings collapsed onto her and she comes out of it fine. She also has super human strength so it’ll only take one hit to take out Cammy. Rogue’s flying ability also makes it more difficult for her opponents since she can approach them from nearly all angles. Oh she could also just decided to pick up a truck and throw it at Cammy! So unless Cammy can actually withstand these strong attacks (psycho power?) or can do devastating damage to Rogue before she gets hit; Cammy will lose (Cammy is my SF4 main! boo).

Outcome: Rogue

Chun Li Vs Storm

Chun Li is definitely the better fighter out of the two. But with Storm’s powers, she could float high in the sky and take her time deciding how to kill Chun Li… a sudden blizzard? Lightening strike? A Tornado? The list is endless. Even though I love Chun Li, this one is pretty much going to be one sided. Only chance for Chun Li is for her to take out Storm before she’s able to fly out of her reach.

Outcome: Storm

Vega (Bison) Vs Magneto

This is an interesting one, we have the master of magnetism and the evil ruler of shadowloo, Vega (or Bison, if you’re from Europe or America). I’ll be calling him Bison though since that’s what I’ve been calling him since I was really young. Anyway, what can we say here… well Magneto is obscenely strong since he can control anything metal and metal is pretty much everywhere in this day and age. Even Bison has a lot on him which Magneto could use. However, Bison’s psycho power is not to be overlooked as he can use it to fly, teleport and do seriously ugly things with your mind. The main point is that Magneto’s weakness is actually his mind; having such a terrible traumatic experience in his past Bison can actually use this to either attack him… or better still control him! So I’m afraid this one goes to Bison.

Outcome: Vega (Bison)

The Results…

XMen Vs Street Fighter Art

Well the Street Fighter’s have 4 wins and the X-men also have 4 wins. So it’s a tie. I remember in the Sega Saturn Magazine, the X-Men had won with something like 6 – 2 which I thought was ridiculous! It’s not so one sided as they think – I specifically remember them saying Gambit would easily beat Ken because he has a pole. In honesty, I do think having a weapon will give you a huge advantage but I think Ken is really, really strong and won’t lose to someone because they were armed. That was one of them, but I can’t remember the rest.

I can’t leave it as a draw, so I thought I’d do a new match up to decide who wins.

The decider!

For the decider, I’ve chosen Gouki or Akuma, as we Europeans and Americans know him, to represent the Street Fighters. He is a hidden character in the game and is supposedly the strongest fighter in the Street Fighter universe. For the X-Men side, I’ve chosen Apocalypse. Although he’s a villain and not in the X-Men, he is the game as the final boss. So it’s boss vs boss! Unfortunately, no matter how highly I rate Akuma for his raw strength and power, he can’t really beat a mutant that can do so many things AND has lived for centuries. Apocalypse will just grow into a giant and step on Akuma and it’d be all over… unless Akuma teleports around and… it’s not going to work is it? Well there’s nothing Akuma can do to hurt Apocalypse so this one belongs to Apocalypse.

Outcome: Apocalypse

Final Results

Well there you have it, Street Fighter still at 4 wins and the X-Men with 5. This is all my opinion from my knowledge of each of the character’s abilities. Of course nobody can really say who will win who because unless it really happens, everything is “hypothetically speaking”. But that doesn’t mean we can’t form opinions about it and voice it. Hope you’ll point out which ones you agree with and the ones that you don’t.