Mission Complete – Tekken 6

Tekken 6 - AchievementAh… Tekken… I remember back in the day when people argue which 3D fighter was better… errr hang on… they still do!

Namco always made Tekken look amazing and I’ve been wanting to play a Tekken game since I was a young teenager – well I did play it once in the arcades and beat my self proclaimed Tekken god friend.

I actually completed Tekken 6 way before I started my blog but thought I should include it as I did complete it (5th March 2010) and it’s the only game where I’ve got 100% achievements! =0

So the story starts a few months ago, when I was in Blockbusters to rent this shooting game so I could try it out with my friend. Then suddenly, I saw it! Tekken6! Right there on the shelf! Looking right into my eye! There was an offer, rent 2 games for £10 so I took the opportunity to rent Tekken 6 and absolutely loved the training mode. Yes, the training mode. I didn’t play anything but the training mode because I spent most of the time playing the other game – my friend and I both rented the game so we had limited time.

Tekken 6 - cover

The character I enjoyed playing the most was Lili because she has an interesting standing stance and I really liked her move set – I even worked out some aerial combos on my own! I really like working out combos and trying to string impossible moves together. So you could imagine the disappointment of having to return it only after a few hours of game play (or training play). After returning the games,  Tekken 6 was constantly in my head… what if I do this? What if I string that? So I quickly gave up the resistance to buy the game (I hung on for about a day… =) ) and bought a copy on zavvi.com.

Apart from it looking great I really enjoyed the gameplay, at first. When I was still button bashing it was really REALLY fun, but once the AI became more difficult to beat, I knew I couldn’t mash out random combos anymore. The increase in difficulty pushed me to memorise moves which dodges the first hit and returns an attack and some which I could use after blocking a string of attacks (such as an attack that will launch them in the air). I also found moves which will counter hit my opponents if I predict what they are doing correctly (this is easier against a human player as they have habits).  But all this lead to me just using the same moves (out of many) for everyone. For every single character, I just needed a move which either had a slightly longer duration of invincibility frames, or ones that dodged certain attacks (high, medium or low). That was all that was required to beat the arcade mode with anyone which is needless to say a bit repetitive.

Tekken 6

Tekken 6’s online mode was something I was really looking forward to after Namco invited everyone to play online in their trailer. However, online play was not as enjoyable as I thought it’d be (except that I won my first online match that I played). The matches between me and the other players was a great experience but the wait at the loading screen ruins the fun – you can make tea when your match is loading. I’m not sure why it takes so long but it was very frustrating to wait over a minute after selecting your character. That’s right, the loading times were also present in offline play. If it was just online then I’d probably still play Tekken 6.

But the most enjoyable mode for me must’ve been campaign mode. It reminded me of the side scrolling beat em ups in the mega drive days. The items that are collected after beating up an inferior small fry makes it that much more satisfying because not only are you making your character look better, you are making them better by increasing their attack, hp, etc… The customisation of characters was actually a good touch of RPG, that’s what the campaign mode is to me – a short beat em up RPG =) .

Tekken 6 - Customise

To be honest, I don’t like the “first one to launch the opponent in the air wins” rule and the fact that the only time I was forced not to button mash was when Jin in arcade mode was at the highest AI ranking. It really didn’t feel like a difficult game to beat (or play). I know humans are harder to beat but there are other games out there where the computer AI is HARD and the players are even tougher. Seriously, I literally beat every single opponent in arcade mode with the taekwondo fighters with one hand (I was only pressing one or two kick buttons) and I beat the final boss like that too. Also, the campaign mode would be great if you could play it with someone. At the time I was playing, you couldn’t play with anyone. That’s depressing as it would’ve added so much more to the life of the game.

Tekken 6 - Fist

Well to close it off, I mostly enjoyed playing Tekken 6, it’s a beautiful game to play but as soon as you figure out which moves to stick with, it quickly becomes repetitive. Most of the online matches I’ve had were about who floated the other guy first to take 60% of their health in one long combo against the wall which I disliked. Tekken 6 doesn’t have any real incentive to play over and over again once you’ve completed the game.

Oh and a funny fact is that I use my arcade stick for the one on one fighting parts but use the joypad for the campaign mode. =)


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