Here comes a new Challenger!

Rage quitting, everyone whose played online would’ve experienced this at some point regardless of what game they’re playing. You’re playing a match against some random stranger and then as you’re about to win the match everything freezes… yes, the other player has quit to deny you of a win. These guys who quit have an incredibly childish and weak mind. Don’t they know that you have to lose in order to win? But this isn’t what ticks me off the most though.

I really hate it when people feel compelled to let me know why they should’ve been the victor and that they only lost due to my “bad” playing style and how they are the more skilled player.

To be honest, there is some truth in that – they have the physical ability to pull off combos which take +40% of your health bar. BUT why then do they still lose? Surely if they can deal that kind of damage then they should have won the match after 3-4 combos on me. Whilst on the other hand, I was only doing short weak combos on them and “mixed up” what I was doing. I would do attacks which require them to crouch block and once they got used to this, I  then throw out an overhead attack. I would also just walk up to them and throw them just to confuse them even more. I’ve had to do this to the other player more than 10 times in a single round to win, which means over 20 times in the whole match. It’s actually more difficult to win this way as you spend longer chipping away at their lifebar whilst giving them the opportunity to learn your rythym and attack patterns.

The problem for these people is that they don’t know how to create opportunities to perform these complex combos in an unfamiliar situation. Instead of acknowledging their weakness, they’ve decided to blame me for not playing a character how the majority of people play it… Accepting you lost is paramount to seeing how you can improve yourself. If you’re too tied up thinking “I should’ve beat you” then you won’t really get much from it.

To me, this just means they don’t know their characters as well as they think and that they’ve just practised the timing of when to push buttons on their controller. It’s very apparent in mirror matches I play as they’re clueless as to what they should/can do! Or more accurately, what properties are my attacks and what can beat it. I’m no expert myself, but at least I know what I’d attempt if my opponent leads most of their attacks with a jump in for example.

I also feel as if these people are limiting their own knowledge to what they see on youtube and read on the forums. They see it and think that is the peak of the mountain and they won’t try to better that because it’s “what other people are doing”. They’re not exactly learning the character through their own experience – who can really say what the correct way to use a character is anyway? Everyone has their own playing style.

I’m no expert on the characters I play, but at least I know what my limitations are. So the next time you lose to some “noob”, before telling them they’re crap because they can’t combo, try to learn from it. Think about what you did wrong or what they did right and you might find yourself in a better situation next time.


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