Kendo events

Kata Seminar

I really enjoy learning about kendo kata as it’s just about the closest thing we have to samurai sword fighting and training so it’s easy to understand why I was looking forward to the kata seminar.

During the seminar, we were reminded the reason, reaction and result of each form of the kata. This helped appreciate what I’m doing more although I still have lots more to learn about. The long hours of kata practice were very enjoyable but for me, the highlight of the seminar was being introduced to Katori Shinto Ryu.

This was very different to the kendo kata we practice – there were different cuts, maai and kamae to learn. Since we were only just learning the form, we had to be focused at all times as we’re covering/cutting new targets and errors could lead to some serious injuries (fortunately nobody was seriously hurt). I just wish I can have this kind of focus and movement in my kendo kata.

I left the seminar refreshing my interest for kendo kata and experiencing Katori Shinto Ryu kata form. It was a lot of  fun so I’m already looking forward to next years Kendo Kata seminar.

Video: Katori Shinto Ryu


Kendo for charity

Despite having practiced kendo for 3 years, this is the first time I’ve participated in a kendo charity event. There seems to be a variety of ways to do this, like doing suburi, kiri-kaeshi and in this case a shiai.

Kendo charity - taken from
Kendo charity - taken from

Teaming up with two complete strangers to fight in as a team was lots of fun and a good experience.