Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

Oh my God! Just found out that the latest iteration of Virtua Fighter 5 is out in the Japanese arcades – I absolutely love VF! It’s just too bad that it’s popularity outside of Japan isn’t as great as some of the other fighters out there.

I am absolutely rubbish at the game but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the game – I don’t know what it is about VF games they’re just so addictive. If Sega was to release it for the consoles over here in the UK, I’d pre-order a copy straight away. I don’t normally pre-order games but VF would definitely be worth it.

Only problem is that we might not even see a console release… although I think it would be a good time to do so, I mean, the fighting game genre recently seems to be in healthy shape; with loads of brilliant titles out there keeping the interest alive – BlazBlue, Street Fighter 4, etc… so I’m pretty sure even the ‘casual’ gamers would pick up a copy.

Oh well, enough of me babbling away, enjoy the trailer:

I also like how Sega made an April fools trailer for Final Showdown though; it’s hilarious!