Well, it is bank holiday…

Xbox 360 Controller

So I’ve been playing quite a lot of games and catching up on some manga during the bank holiday weekend (28th-30th May). I was also supposed to make some cookies and these jam slices but decided not to make them because I was busy with work (extra cash), family and playing games. But the main reason for not baking is that I’ll have to bring some into work and doing that on a Kendo day and it is a mission!

People on the tube (London Underground) aren’t very considerate; everyone wants to get to work so they all cram into train carriages like sardines and it doesn’t matter how long someone’s been waiting at the platform as all that matters is that they get to work. Fair enough, since they might not even know considering how many people use the tube everyday. So whenever you have extra things to carry, you know it won’t be a good start to the day. The only reward after this bad experience is seeing the happy faces and appreciations of the food you’ve made for people (maybe I should charge them! muhahahaha >=D ).

So this weekend I’ve managed to get another character from Lost Odyssey to level 99 (max level) and I’ve got 3 more characters left to level (one is on level 98). I completed the Nord Trainyard level in The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai (the boss is bloody hard to kill! Tip – don’t use the sword no matter how cool it looks!). More hours on Gears of War 2 horde games with my best mate. Played a bit of Street Fighter 4 online and won 3 out of 5 games: I’m still very rusty and the 6 button layout is messing with my fingers as they can’t seem to remember which button is which!  Then played BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II online and played 25 matches against the same individual with me winning only 3 of them (I’m so glad I won the last game of the session hahaha). The combo I relied on in previous versions of the game doesn’t work anymore so I need to learn the new ones if I’m to get better.

Also did some work (can’t let you know the details) and had some dim sum with my family.