Afraid to change…

“To change is difficult. Not to change is fatal.”

Final Fantasy XIII received quite a number of negative reviews/comments on the internet, largely from the same type of people – people who didn’t like change. They disliked the way it broke away from “traditional Japanese RPGs” and the shift from the normal gameplay of previous FF titles. Seriously, come out of your comfort zone and try something different for a change – enjoy the game for what it is and don’t get caught up with a checklist.

Of course, certain characteristics will help categorise a game into a genre and therefore set expectations for us gamers. However, these traits shouldn’t be treated as recipes for a game but more like guidelines. You can choose to include it or not because games are creations; they were made by people’s limitless imagination and constant hard work in translating an idea into something both you and I can share and experience. So to cast it as a bad game just because “it’s not the same” as the other games in the same genre is a pretty lame reason and shows how narrow-minded some people can be. This is especially the case when the FF franchise always try something different in every release! Without these brave talented individuals who are prepared to introduce change, there wouldn’t be titles like Chu Chu Rocket, Shadow of the Colossus and Nights: Into Dreams!

If you want a game to play like something you’ve played before, then why not just play that other game instead? Surely the reason why we’ve all paid money for a new game is because we’re all after a new experience? So stop hanging onto those rigid thoughts and try to accept something different.

Isn’t it ironic that the theme throughout the game is that the main characters are fighting so hard to change their own fate whilst the vast majority of the population rejects them out of fear?

Right, now for something positive! After completing FF XIII it felt like one long tutorial preparing us for something big but I must say that I wasn’t aware of it until I completed the game (you still learn lots of stuff after you’ve completed the game) and even then I thought it was for the optional missions you can choose to complete at the end. So I believe that the first game might have been a tutorial or a prologue for the sequel! I’ve seen a short teaser and “Oh my god!” I’m so excited and can’t wait till the game comes out over here!

Edited: posted when I was half a sleep and realised I had typos and only wrote half of what I was supposed to say… oops. No big changes though


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