So I’ve been missing some of the work do’s in favour for some kendo training so I thought it’d be best if I came to this one. The evening started off quite chilled out as we went into a unique bar. It was unique because you could actually buy some of the furnitures in there! The drinks were nice and I was already enjoying the evening.

Then came the time to eat, which was very convenient as the Japanese restaurant was just next door to the bar. I really like Japanese food so I already been thinking about what I was going to have in advanced! But as I was walking to our table, I noticed something different about the place. They had a steel board in front of a row of seats. I knew from then that we were going to have Teppanyaki! I’ve never had it before because I’ve never known where to look for them – unlike in America where the whole service and experience is what sells stuff, we’re more accustomed to just quietly (until we have a glass too many) enjoying our meals so it’s more difficult to find places like this. Our chef came to our table and introduced himself and he started to perform for us! Tapping his cooking utensils for a very good arithmetical beat whilst juggling his utensils in the air! It was very fun to watch and then he continued onto eggs! Yes he displayed some amazing skills and he had very fast hands. Anyway, we then had turns in trying to catch egg pieces in our mouths as our chef flip it over to us.

When I actually got to taste the main course(s) I thought the food tasted a lot better than I thought it’d be and it was very filling too. Although, towards the end, I think he got a bit carried away with the flavouring as it was getting stronger and stronger. It was a very expensive meal, a set meal for two costs something like £42.

Overall I had a great time and would definitely go there again for a special occasion maybe – I wouldn’t be able to dine there all the time.


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