Hunt for a gem

Tales of Vesperia cover I’ve recently downloaded the Tales of Vesperia demo from Xbox Market place and was very impressed with the demo. This lead to an epic search for a place where they sold the game for a reasonable price.

I just couldn’t find one! Most of the stores did not have it in stock and people are selling a second hand version for £35+! A typical new game is priced around £40. I don’t really like buying second hand games as I don’t know how much care the previous owner has taken with their games and I’ve bought games in terrible conditions before – it was quite disgusting.

However, my search could finally be over as I’ve discovered that the full game of Tales of Vesperia is available for download on Xbox Market place for only £19.99!

Tales of Vesperia - gameplay

I’m seriously considering this option because if you lose the game on your HD for some reason, you can re-download the game back onto your HD. Which is pretty good.