Plagued by illness…?

I'm illRecently I’ve missed quite a few kendo practices; something I said I will try to avoid in my previous post.

I seem to either have work commitments or fall ill. I missed two practices last week due to a headache which causes nausea. The nausea gets worse when I’m in a humid place so a kendo dojo was probably not the best place to be. I did, however, turn up to pay my annual membership fees but was promptly sent home by my Sensei.

Having recovered over the weekend (I still get the odd headache but at least the nausea is gone) I went back to the dojo last night. Before the practice, I had to redo my shinai again after discovering that one of the slate’s edge was a bit ‘rough’. It took my mind of things though, it was very calming. I think that made me forget the fact that I missed out on training and enabled me to just back get into it.

Kendo image
Kendo image

The practice yesterday was a good; we did an exercise where everyone lines up in one line and the person at the front of the line will cut men on each person in the line one after the other. Then the second person in the line who is now at the front will do the same – after the first person has gone through 2-3 people. So if it was done correctly, it’d be an eternal loop of men cuts! Sadly, we wasn’t able to keep it up for long due to incorrect distance and that some people caught up to the person in front, etc…

Overall, it was a very enjoyable practice and it’s amazing how my Sensei keeps coming with new ways to practice when ultimately, we’re all just simply cutting men, kote, do and (although rarely) tsuki.