Dojo taikai

A few weeks ago, my dojo held our biannual taikai. A “taikai” is basically a tournament or competition. It’s only open to fully paid up members of the dojo and in the summer, we fight in teams of 3’s. Fun!

This year was slightly different though, it was the first year ever where the winners will be awarded medals (along with the usual certificates and prizes). Of course, this only made me want to win it even more this year and I wasn’t the only one who thought this way. Plus, these medals were very big and chunky – they were proper medals!

I want one!

The day started by taking an inventory of our club equipment as we haven’t done this in a long while. We then began our group warm up led by a senior member of the dojo. We had 6 teams this year so we had two pools with 3 teams in each pool.

I had a very good team and a real good chance to win the whole taikai, but due to my stupid mistakes, I cost the team a gold medal. During our competition, I also won an award for “Best shikake waza”. I didn’t think I was worthy of it, although it has motivated me into trying harder.

The Winter one is coming up soon and that will be individuals. Looking forward to that one already!


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