Me want tablet….?

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet
Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet

Right, so I’ve recently come back from Japan and I will be meeting up with my sister over the weekend and I’d like to show her all the pictures I’ve taken.

The pictures were taken on both my phone and compact camera so I’ve already downloaded the pictures onto my laptop (super heavy laptop) so that they’re all in one place. I’m meeting my sister at a restaurant and my laptop will probably be too big to place on the table – unless we move stuff out the way before the meal and quickly go through it! It’ll be a challenge but probably doable though.

So I’ve started to play with the idea of getting a tablet for myself! That way I can just transfer stuff onto it and bring it along with me. Yes I can show the pictures on my camera and phone but the screens are small so it’d be less enjoyable to look at the pictures. Another use of it would be if someone wants to just watch a video on the internet whilst I’m doing my work on my laptop, then they could use the tablet. Or if I’m on a long train journey, I can watch a movie, play a game or something, sounds pretty cool at the moment (I have to travel to Newcastle at least once a year for work). So far so good. =)

iPad2I know very little about tablets, I imagine they’re like a miniature version of smart phones (minus the calling and text ability) but with a bigger screen. I’ve been looking into the Samsung Galaxy 10.1, it seems to be the preferred android tablet at the moment and I haven’t given much thought of getting an iPad2. I just dislike how Apple installs a lot of other software on your machine just so you can use their hardware devices (itunes for example). But then there are reviews who think iPad2 has the better user experience regarding multimedia usage. Which is the main reason for me to get one. Think I’ll read up on more tablets and maybe even try an iPad2 at a store and see what it’s like and how it’s different compared to the other stuff.

The thing that’s holding me back is that I bought my laptop recently with pretty good specs – it can handle HD video with no problems at all. It was intended to replace my 10 year old Pentium 4 pc and it has. But it’s just not as mobile as I’d like it to be. I knew it’d be bulky, heavy and have a short battery life, but I didn’t envisage myself wanting to be more mobile when watching movies or videos on youtube. I guess this is because when I’m at work, I just want to sit down and concentrate whereas when watching a video, I just want to be relaxing on the comfortable couch or something. I’m not sure I’m ready to spend some cash on gadgets just yet – especially having just come back from Japan.

Hopefully I’ll come to a decision once I’ve researched more about tablets.