Cob webs…

Well, after a week long Kendo winter training and an internal competition I think my body is finally gettting used to training again.

After not practicing for so long due to our dojo being refurbished, I felt myself grow weaker. It’s very apparent in my practice too, my reaction is dull, my movement is clumsy. But I think I’m slowly getting my stride back now after the welcome-back-to-Kendo week. I also got to know how to do some etiquette properly, like how to rei, sonkyo, sit in seiza and putting armor on. It was a back to basics, yet intense week.

I actually came first in my dojo junior competition. Many said I would before the start, but I wasn’t feeling that confident as the other competitors were very strong. When people were congratulating me, I tried to be modest and said it was luck. But one of my senior corrected my way of thinking. It’s not luck. It’s all the training I did. All the effort. I think that’s the right way to think because my Kendo develops through my sensei’s teachings and my colleagues practices, so if I’m saying it was luck, what am I saying about them?! That thought never occurred to me before – nobody is asking me to be arrogant, just feel happy and proud that I won because of the hard work I put in.

Looking forward to a good year in Kendo! Hopefully I can build on this enough to prepare myself for my san-dan grading.