Uh oh…

Last year, my company had 3 physical locations where you could’ve been based. There was the headquarters – Newcastle and then there’s the London office where we occupied two floors (with other companies on the floors between us). This made socialising with colleagues on the other floor very difficult. I couldn’t even match names to faces – that’s how bad it was.

Right after the New Year however, everyone in the London office moved to a new location in Angel and this time, everyone is on one floor. This means I see everyone whenever I go into work now. I’m still getting to know some people a bit better even though we’ve both worked at the same company for a while now. There is someone who I’m starting to really like and I’m getting some good vibes from her too. But the only problem is, I seem to remember that during a team building conversation (a few months ago), she told me (and others) that she came over here (from Australia) with her “hubby”. Now, I know girls who calls their boyfriends “hubby” even when they’ve only been together for a few months so I’m not sure whether she means a husband or a boyfriend – both bad for me in this case. But I see no ring on her finger… what does that mean? I want to ask her to see if she’s seeing anyone, but we do sit so close to each other that if the situation turns awkward, we’ll be seeing one another most of the day with this in our heads (or mine at least)!


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