Chinese New Year celebrations!!!

There were some celebrations in London’s China town today so I thought I head over to see some parades and cultural performances. I wondered what will be in store for me.

Soon after coming out of Charing Cross station I could hear fire crackers going off in the distance. So I headed over to Trafalgar Square where the sound seemed to be coming from. When I got there, I was surprised with the number of people. There were so many people, I couldn’t even get close! So I decided to go into China town to see if there are parades and stalls to look at.

Just after the National Portrait gallery, there was a “Wishing tree” set up with people throwing bean bag-like bags onto the tree. It’s said that if you can get your bag to stay on the branches, your wishes will be granted! Although with the real thing, you get to write down your wish so this was more for fun really.

To my surprise, there weren’t many stalls around. Some restaurants set up one outside their shops, but other than that, there weren’t many. There were performances though, I managed to see a dance performed by a group.

There was just so many people with very little attractions, I was actually quite disappointed. I think there was only twenty stalls and two performance stages? That is quite a low number if you think about it. Plus, there was so many people there, I couldn’t get around easily – mostly people standing outside restaurants waiting for a table… great time to do that!

The atmosphere was also pretty glum, only lanterns were on display and (as mentioned) weren’t many attractions to see. Although, I’m sure if I stayed at the stages, there would be a few to see if you don’t mind standing in the cold.

I did get something good out of my day trip though, I managed to buy a toy for my future niece/nephew who isn’t born yet though. He/she will be the year of the dragon so I’m hoping that they will like it!