Mission Complete – Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection

Mega Drive Ultimate Collection Box Art
Mega Drive Ultimate Collection Box Art

After owning the game for so long, I managed to unlock all the achievements and had so much fun in the process – every title gave me that nostalgic 90’s gaming feeling… Yeah, I’m OLD!

Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection (SMDUC) is basically a selection of games from the Mega Drive system and arcades from that time (1980’s -90’s) on one single disc.

There are classics I’ve played and also ones which I haven’t. It’s great, I’m able to play my old favourites like Streets of Rage, Sonic, Alex the Kidd, Columns and Altered Beast!

Streets of Rage achievement
Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage has got to be one of my favourite games. I first played it on when I was about 6 or 7 on my best friend’s Japanese Sega Mega Drive (Yeah, the ones with the extra bump on the sides of the cartridges). It made me ask my dad for a console and the same game too! I played it alot with my sisters, it’s such a fun game.

Fatal Labyrinth achievement
Fatal Labyrinth

One of the games I never played before SMDUC but really enjoyed was Fatal Labyrinth. An old RPG where you try to escape all the floors. It was fun in that it was turn based yet still had all the text which narrated what happened, e.g. “You dealt 7 pts of damage”. It’s quite fun to play.

Most of the achievements in SMDUC are actually easy to get. If you concentrate on getting them, it’ll probably take you a few hours to get them all in one sitting. But doing some of the achievements made me try out some of the titles I’ve never even heard of before and I enjoyed them.

I guess I’ll still be playing SMDUC from time to time just for nostalgic purposes.