WordPress facelift?!

Just yesterday, my Windows phone prompted me to update something from market place. I thought to myself “ah, must be just another app that I hardly use”. But no! It wasn’t! It was the latest update for the WordPress app for my Windows 7 phone!

I normally use my WordPress app when I suddenly think of something to write for my blog and I’m not near a computer (well, a trusted one anyway). It’s handy. But one of the main annoyances I found with it was that it didn’t indicate which posts are draft/published and also it had this weird scrolling bug where it would stop loading the content and you’d see nothing! These made it impossible to edit long posts and you had to remember which posts were live and which weren’t. So imagine how happy I was to discover that these problems have been addressed?

It was very convenient to be able to quickly jot down your thoughts, but with the update you can write up a whole post. I love the new interface as it clearly labels which posts are draft.

I wrote this post to test the updated version and so far so good! Keep up with the good work!

Source: http://windowsphone.wordpress.org/2012/02/02/version-1-5/


2 thoughts on “WordPress facelift?!

  1. Hello Cheekychi,
    In addition to your post I was wondering, I am giving my website a little facelift and I wanted to add a pattern to the background instead of a solid color. I have the pattern I want to use but I have no idea how to make it repeat. My web programming knowledge is pretty limited but I do know how to change a bit of code. I use wordpress if that makes a difference. Thanks!
    Keep up the posts!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and leaving a comment.

      What you’re trying to do isn’t difficult at all. There are a few ways to make your background repeat in CSS: repeat vertically, horizontally or repeat it to automatically fill the background. I would recommend visiting w3schools to find out how to do this. They have simple definitions and very good examples – some of them you can change and play with to see what it does.

      Good luck!

      PS: I think you would need to be changing the background properties for the “” tag.

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