It’s all YOUR fault!!!

We’re all too quick to blame other people for our own choices. Are we really so blind that we can’t see we’re the ones at fault.

A few days ago whilst I was on my way to work. An elderly man got on the bus who clearly struggled to walk. He spoke to the bus driver briefly before making his way to the centre of the bus. As the bus approached the next stop, he presses the bell but the stop doesn’t stop because the bus stop was not in use. The old man was furious with this! As the bus stopped at a red light (about 2-3 metres from the previous stop), he blamed the bus driver for not telling him that the stop wasn’t in use – even though he didn’t tell the driver where he was getting off. He demanded the bus driver to open the doors for him to get off but it was unsafe to do so. He then started to panic saying he doesn’t want to be taken to King’s Cross (which I’m sure the bus doesn’t even go there). So the bus driver drove to the nearest place with a safe area for him to get off. When he was getting off, he was still cursing the bus driver!

Just when the bus driver thought her day couldn’t get any worse this guy came on with his dog. He said to her, “I’ve only got £1.30, can I get on please?” (for those of you who don’t know, bus fares in London costs something like £2.40. The driver explained she couldn’t let him on. The guy turns around digs around in his trouser pocket and takes out enough for the bus fare and says to the driver “that’s my dogs dinner that is!” in an attempt to make her feel guilty. He then angrily walks further into the bus mumbling angry words at the driver.

In both scenarios, the driver is not to blame. The elderly man didn’t tell the bus driver where his destination was so she couldn’t have possibly warned him before hand. The second man was even more out of line. He blamed the driver for not being able to feed his dog now that he’s spent it on the bus fare… when in actual fact, HE chose to get on the bus. He chose to take the bus over feeding his dog. His journey would’ve taken longer but at least he could feed his dog.

Really felt sorry for this bus driver and felt she done the right thing. I would’ve done the same too! This may only be the only praise for London transport you’ll hear from me.