Last day…

Yesterday was my last day at work. To be honest it was a day with mixed emotions. It was sad to be leaving the company on these terms but at the same time, I was happy that my colleagues really showed that they cared about me.

I had a Byron burger for lunch with a small group of friends – some couldn’t make it to the farewell drinks so we decided to have lunch instead. The burger was quite good actually and the chips were also good. But the highlight must be the thick strawberry milkshake I had.

I had quite a good turn out in the farewell drinks (nearly the whole company came) but that just meant I was drinking one drink after another. I wanted to get a round in too but I didn’t really have the chance to, but I’ll just do that the next time I go out with them. It was a very good night out, too bad I didn’t see all the people I wanted to. When I got home I spent most of the early hours just puking… yeah… after all that fun, you pay for it in the most painful ways. I then remembered the reason I try to drink responsibly (or not drinking at all) – to avoid moments like these.

I do like working there so in my exit interview, I gave them honest feedback. I told them that they’re creating a lot of manager positions and filling them with external people. This isn’t good as the people who have put in the hard work and effort to help build the company are becoming lower and lower in the hierarchy. So it feels like a demotion and that there’s nowhere to progress to. So although, the people are great, why would you want to stay in a company where you’ll just stay at in the position you came in at with little to no opportunity to progress? I know people who are losing faith so if nothing is done about it, they’ll have a very high turnover in staff in the next couple of years.

Team “A” forever! (a little inside joke)