I prefer WordPress to Drupal…

After I found out I was to be made redundant, one of the first steps I needed to make was to update my online portfolio. I was about to compete with other candidates for a job in the print & design industry. Something I’m still fairly new at.

My portfolio was untouched for 4 years – same as my CV… this was the ultimate test of balancing design and production in a short period of time. Yet I decided to use WordPress instead of Drupal to implement my design – mainly because I wanted to add more technologies to my CV.

I found WordPress to be easier to install and that the overall interface was intuitive making it easier to use. But what I thought WordPress really triumph Drupal is it’s knowledge base. Or more accurately, the ease of finding answers for question. With Drupal, you are presented with pages and pages of technical documentation or forum answers and you might not even find what you’re looking for!! WordPress attempts to keep things simple and in layman’s terms. So for that reason, I prefer WordPress – because it was much easier to find answers.