Mission Complete – Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

SE-GA(!) – King of the Kings

How I remember the golden days of SEGA and the amazing fighting games they produced. Although they are no longer what they used to be in the industry I’m so glad they kept one of their most perfect franchises going – Virtua Fighter.

Not many people (outside of Japan) would’ve even thought of playing VF5FS in the comfort of their own home. After VF5R everyone pretty much gave up hope. So imagine how exciting this release actually is to people who like fighting games!

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

I would definitely recommend this title to anyone who enjoys fighting games. It’s absolutely brilliant. VF5FS has a few interesting one player modes – arcade, score attack, training and challenge mode. The challenge mode is something new to VF. You have to perform a series of basic manuveres (or prevent them) whilst plummeting your opponent. The training tutorials are really in depth and if you learn it and are able to apply it, you’ll be one hell of a monster.

I do find that I miss the one player mode in the original XBox 360 release (version C), though the online mode has been brilliantly executed it is the gem of the game.

When looking for matches using the “Quick match” option, you’re rarely paired with someone with a lousy connection to you – in fact, out of all the games I played using this setting, only one match experienced aslight lag spike near the end of the round. Custom search doesn’t allow you to filter by many options, only whether you want to play someone in your “local” or “worldwide”. At the press of a button you’re taken to a list of available opponents. You see an indication of their grade but more impotantly, the quality of the connection between you. It also doesn’t take long to find people to play against. Why can’t all online lobbies be like this – simple, fast and that it works!

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Achievement

Although some of the game mechanics has been “dumbed” down, it is still incredibly deeper and faster than the average fighting game. For example, defensive/offensive moves do not automatically guarantee safety because if you move to the wrong direction, you’ll eat a counter hit – leaving you wide open for a devastating follow-up. I also like how jumps are slightly more effective during wake-up situations now. Other 3D fighters you don’t have much option, either get out of the way or block the attack (or in some games, a counter attack).

Are you wondering if there’s any point in getting this if you bought the previous iteration of VF5? Well my answer is yes. Unlike other popular fighting games out there which call adding a frame here and there to existing moves and/or adding the word “super” to the title a rebalance. VF5 is VERY different. It’s almost a different game – new game mechanics, new characters, new modes, additional training options and new moves (some removed some reanimated and even command inputs changed for some). Adding to that throwing system has changed in favour of a simpler one making it easier to get back into after such a long break. It’s an amazing game.

However if you loved the quest mode and aren’t really into fighting other people then you prrobably should try the demo. If you’ve never played VF5 before you cannot, I repeat, you CANNOT call yourself a fighting game fan as VF5 is simply the best fighting game out there right now.

Sega Logo

SEGA, thank you so much for giving your fans outside Japan the opportunity to play such a beautiful game. We love you!!!