Media review: Metro newspaper

Metro paper

I can’t help but notice the Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown in the daily free newspaper ‘Metro’. I was interested in what their “gamer” thought about this work of art.

He scored it 4/5 stars and did well to point out that it’s a more technical fighter to say Street Fighter. Whilst I agreed with him that the one player mode is somewhat lacking (compared to the original), I was shocked to read that he thought the characters were too generic!! Is he for real? Did he play longer than 2 minutes? Each character has their own unique style and movement, I can’t really see any of them being “generic”.

He also states:

“Turning some unlockables into downloadable content is cheeky”

Here, he tries to ride the ondisc DLC fiasco flared up by another recent game, but if he was a little more knowledgeable in this area (or indeed this game), he would’ve known that the decision to make extra costumes into DLC was made because the game itself is already near max size capacity for an XBLA game. Therefore, SEGA chose to keep the core functionality within the main game and released anything extra, i.e. the costumes, as DLC. Here SEGA didn’t have a choice but to do this and let fans decide if they even wanted any of the extra costumes.

He did correctly state that the game has been nothing but a cult classic in the west. His reasoning is the lack of new faces… I disagree. The main reason why it’s not a hit in the west is because the game is very difficult to get good at. It’s a trend. Difficult games are avoided by people because they can’t face how unskilled they really are at something – hand eye co-ordination, problem solving, etc… whilst an easy game will boost their ego. I guess he’s one of the people who avoided games that are not topping up his ego.


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