One hundred matches later…

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown - screenshot

I have just played my 100th Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown online match last night (or early this morning…) and my stats are as follows –

Main Character: Jean Kujo
Battle Points: 302
Grade: 4th Dan
Games: 100
– Wins: 56
– Loses: 44
– Ratio: 56%

Although my grade is 4th Dan, it doesn’t really mean much as I’m still only doing “beginners style of fighting”. I’ve practised many combos and how I could set it up, etc… but my play style is still very much two dimensional. To be good at Virtua Fighter, you really need to be using the three dimensional axis. That means using defensive and offensive manoeuvres. I played against an opponent with a “Hunter” grade (a grade higher than 10th dan) and managed to get 3 straight perfect wins on him. Now that doesn’t mean I’m amazing. It means he/she has been playing so many matches, that his grade has reached Hunter. You don’t seem to down grade in online ranking matches. So the grade isn’t a good indicator of actual strength, but experience.

However, a good indicator of your opponent’s strength is their “Wins” to “Battle Points” ratio. You get +2 points for a loss and +4 points for a win. So if their “Battle Points” are 3-4 times the amount of their “Wins”, then they are quite good. This rule of thumb has proved true in most cases.

Even then, I need to practice evading and counter attacking. Not many players are doing this at the moment. This is the reason why people can’t distinguish between VF to other fighting games. But as soon as you add the third dimension in, it becomes a lot more interesting.

I think the next step for me now is incorporate evasions (sideways) from time to time so I can start to get used to it. Might do another blog entry on my 100th win.


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