Mission Complete – Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Assassin's Creed - boxart

Finally completed Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood but I won’t be picking this up again any time soon. I’m a little annoyed with this game. At first, I was fascinated by how you can climb buildings, free fun on rooftops, tackle thieves, kill guards with broomsticks and most impressive thing of all, aerial assassinations. It had such a good build up, but it suddenly spiralled downhill.

I somehow got lost at what I was supposed to do – I got put off by the stupid voice acting and ridiculous story. So I decided to take out all the Borgia towers, completed a lot of the side missions and recruited and maxed out all the assassins I could. I became overpowered. To the point I don’t spend money to replenish items, to the point I don’t need to reduce my notoriety, to the point I just click my fingers and my recruits will kill my targets for me. I went around town killing every single guard I saw. I also bought around 85% of Rome before chapter 5.

The side missions were interesting at the beginning, but after a while, it became tedious and didn’t make much sense as it only became a slightly more difficult version of missions beforehand. Also, if I am supposed to assassinate a guy… do I really have to wait till they’ve been lured into an area for me to kill them? If I’m given the option to run around killing every single guard I can see, then why do I need to wait an unnecessary amount of time during assassinations? What matters is the end result right? Even from the beginning of the game, I realised that the counter mechanism is overpowered. That’s almost the only button you need. It was fun whilst I could train my recruits and spend money to open shops and buy landscapes, but once those were completed, it was a bit boring. Not to mention what a pile of #@*$ the ending was.

So the biggest problem with AC was that they give you something fun to do, then take it away from you. I liked levelling my recruits and using them in battle. Why restrict it to 3 bars? Why can’t I just send my whole army of recruits? Like when I go collect something very important and can’t use weapons nor recruits, it was a bit stupid – and how does someone get poisoned and live on for so long? The end battle was disappointing too… the game designer thought it’d be more challenging if you were outnumbered and you can’t use your recruits… foolish human, you shall all die from my counter button!

If the ease of the battle system is to make the main character feel like the legendary assassin he is, then there’s no point in dragging out the final battle like they did… it was more annoying than challenging, especially when you’re chasing people.


2 thoughts on “Mission Complete – Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

  1. Hi! I enjoyed reading your review. Have to say I’ve always had the same experience with the Assassin’s Creed games. Not played Brotherhood, but the first two had the same problems. Does Brotherhood take you out of the game to do the really boring bits in the future like the first two?

    1. Thanks for visiting.

      To answer your question, yes you do have to leave the Animus – twice actually. Once very early on in the game and another just before the game ends. It didn’t feel like it interrupted with the flow of the game. You could argue, what’s the point of having a story like this if you don’t have some interaction in the future as the real protagonist. Other than those two occasions, it’s up to you whether you want to leave the animus or not.

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