One Hundred wins later…

So I’ve reached my stepping stone of 100 wins in Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. It took me a while since I’ve beenn busy with work and kendo – both are wearing me out by the end of the week, yesterday I had an afternoon nap from the exhaustion.

Anyway, time for some stats on my hundredth online ranking match win!

The statistics

VF5FS - 100 wins screenshot (custom Jean)
Main Character: Jean Kujo
Battle Points: 522 (+220pts)
Grade: 7th Dan
Games: 170
– Wins: 100
– Loses: 70
– Ratio: 58.8235% (+2.8235%)

The fun!

The road to my 100th win was a fun one. I had serious bouts with better opponents and sometimes coming out on top, but I’ve also had some funky experiences. There was one guy who was making Bruce Lee sounds as he was playing Jacky (typical). At first I thought “this is going to be annoying” but I beat him in the first round and then he says in a very slow and deep voice:

“Karate versus Jeet Kune Doooooo!”

It just sounded so epic and silly I found it hilarious! I don’t know if that relaxed me, but I was able to get a perfect victory in round two. That shocked him a little so he was now prep’ing himself up saying:

“Oh! … ok, ok…”

So I beat him in the third round too. He was funny to play against but I don’t know if I would want to play against him for long periods of time. I’ve purchased the customisation packs so that I could customise my own character and see other peoples personalities through their character! Sometimes I wish I hadn’t though, I played against an El Blaze character who just put on Y-fronts and it just looked so wrong… Also, a lot of people make the female characters wear… well… as less as they could really… I’m pretty proud of my creations though, so I’m glad I purchased them.

The challenges

My grade has jumped from 4th dan to 7th dan in 44 matches/220 points and I feel as if I am doing better with executing combos than before. I also manage to capitalise on random hits too often which is a good thing. From my previous post I said I’ll try to more make use of the three dimensional environment of VF5 and I’m starting to use evasions. Although it’ll take some more practice to be effective in close range combat. I can use it quite efficiently for when people use long range attacks which are either unblockable or stagger you on block. Such as my opponent who was sort of like an arch nemesis during my 3rd dan days. He would fight as Vanessa and he’d create some distance, then he’d do a back stepping charge kick from far away. The distance of this attack is very misleading, the reach is so long that I’ve often got caught by the kick even when I thought I’ve made enough distance to clear the attack. He abused this a lot as I didn’t know how to deal with it. It was only fate that the match which would decide whether I get promoted to 7th dan is him.

I haven’t fought him in a while so this was a match where it was a test of whether I had improved at all. Also, he’s now acquired the title “Hunter” which is the grade after 10th dan in VF. The match didn’t start well for me, I was quickly down by two rounds but I noticed that his fighting style hasn’t changed – it was literally the same. Losing the first two rounds was mainly down to my own errors – for getting too excited and holding the joystick down for too long meaning I crouched instead of evading. Before the third round, I held myself together and calmed down so my execution wouldn’t suffer. I did everything I could. I knew his fighting style – how he moves when I’ve fallen, when he’s likely to guard or what attack he’ll do once he’s blocked my attacks. Knowing this I predicted most of his movements and were able to choose how to counter him. In the end I won three rounds in a row and got my promotion to 7th dan but it was a close match.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown - 7th dan promotion match

The path ahead…

In terms of training, I still need to visit the “basic” Virtua Fighter 5 tutorial to remind me of my options. I’m still stuck in beginner mode for over half of the matches I fight so I need to expand my repertoire of attacks which mean learning/remembering moves from command training and use them in sparring mode.

In terms of what I should do in matches, I really need to start using the three dimensional axis more when I can predict my opponents attack, it’ll give me a much better frame advantage than blocking and punishing. I definitely need to throw escape more often, especially ones from offensive/defensive moves. More importantly, Jean Kujo has a lot of guard breaking attacks, 90% of them require a charge in the attack though. However, one of them comes out quite quickly and will net me 60 points of damage to my opponent if I can successfully execute the whole combo! That move is called “Nichirin Kyoushitsu (Shichiyou Tenrengeki)“. There are 7 button presses and you need to have fairly good timing too. I can do it once every 25 tries? But incorporating these attacks into my inventory I hope I will become a better player.

Maybe my next update on VF5 FS will be after 300 matches or 200 wins. Whichever comes first!

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown 100th win

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