Why you no play me?!

When playing online, sometimes you have a choice of who to play against. I generally enjoy playing against anyone, but there are a few types of people who I avoid like the plague.

It’s great! When playing against others, you see strategies and playing styles you wouldn’t have even thought about and there’s always a moment where you think,

“Hmm… that’s interesting… I didn’t expect that…”

Of course this is only true if the other person is playing to their own style. The most unimpressive players are the ones who copy stuff from YouTube and do it badly. They’re copying the actions but they don’t understand the reason behind it. But despite this, I would still play them as it’s also learning for myself too.

The only type of players I don’t play are the ones with either a bad connection (with me), or ones with a high disconnection rating. The first one can’t really be controlled as it’s really down to where you are and what the usage in your area is like, etc… People who disconnect to avoid losing are the worst ones. That in itself is losing and a much more uglier loss than losing after trying everything you could.

So apologies to all those people who tried to play a game with me. I disconnected simply because your connection speed was horrible – no offence (although there were one or two with high disconnection ratings). If someday we have a good connection, I’d like to play against you too. 🙂


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