Just step to the side…

Being able to use defensive and offensive move is key to playing some good Virtua Fighter.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown - evade

In my opening few matches today, I didn’t really use defensive/offensive moves and stuck to my current style. But then I met a 10th dan Akira player. He used a lot of frontal attacks and guard breaking ones too. It quickly became apparent I’ll need to side step to have any chance of winning. Without the experience or practice of performing evasive manoeuvres under pressure, I still got a beating.

But the thing that mattered the most was I was starting to get the timing down. Yes, I played many many games against him, losing every single match. Through trial and error I learned that once you have the opponent’s attack pattern down, you can then apply defensive/offensive moves. I’m still learning but it’s proved very useful in throwing people off their rhythm. Before it was block -> block -> , -> attack -> attack -> , -> block -> block, etc… now you can step to the side and do a side throw! But I’m still trying to get used to people who duck and punch as a retaliation. I need to get the sharpness to attack mid section of the body or maybe even just perform mid attacks until they’re blocked frequently. This way, my opponent will be conditioned into standing guard… let’s just hope they’re not good at throw escaping…

UPDATE: What evading attacks could do for you


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