Three hundred matches later…

In the early hours of this morning, I have completed my 300th online match. Since my last update I’ve been going after mainly higher graded opponents. I’ve lost a lot of matches in the process, even my 300th match was a loss to someone who played better. So here goes my new stats:

The statistics

Main Character: Jean Kujo
Battle Points: 862pts (+340pts)
Grade: Hunter
Games: 300
– Wins: 155
– Loses: 145
– Ratio: 51.6667% (-7.1568%)

The fun

There was one game where I just, wonder what will happen if I only guard and do PPP strings. I did that and nearly beat the other person. The other person started using low attacks which my combo would not hit. Oh well.

The knowledge

When I was first getting used to evading, the first wall I hit was execution. If you pull your joystick up or down and it registers for too long, your character will not evade. So now my execution is around 75% and the technique is to tap the joystick in the direction you want. Once I got to a fairly high execution rate, I quickly hit a second obstacle – application. I was very trigger happy that I’d get countered by circular attacks. I had to learn when is a good time and when it isn’t. But fighting tougher opponents, it’s become a key technique to stay competitive amongst them. Now I need to find the weaknesses of it. I have been very focused on the plus, I don’t really know the disadvantages. I’ll see what happens in training mode.

Mirror matches are also a testament to how well you know your character. I had an interesting match against another Jean Kujo fighter. He liked to fully charge his attacks. Since I’m now incorporating charge attacks into my game I know about them also. He tried to make me guess what will be coming next but there was no real pressure from him because he couldn’t follow up! He sent me flying a couple of times but never really tried to capitalise this by getting a few more attacks in. I knew a few ways to follow up but I didn’t want to show him it so that I could save it for if I needed to just pound him. Plus, it was evident that I didn’t need anything special to beat him.

Getting to Hunter ranking ballooned my ego for a bit. I took a few beatings to realise that I’m no different than what I was before the promotion. But I like the way that if you progress further from that, you can also get demoted back down to hunter (or whatever the equivalent is). I managed to demote someone who promoted from beating me! Haha it was naughty but it felt good! haha

The path ahead…

I’ve managed to keep my winning percentage above 50% but I anticipate this to drop further. Of course I can just keep playing people who aren’t as good as me, but doing so only encourages my bad habits to set and will stall improvement. Often when playing against someone with less experience or are weaker, they move at a slower rate and are very reliant on a few moves. This is actually fatal in that you allow yourself to get lazy/slow. But having a bit of variety in pace and fighting style can help in training the mind to adapt and to come up with strategies on the fly. So I’ll continue to primarily go for stronger fighters – or at least higher graded individuals. I’ll also be busy finding out the weakness of evading too. It seems to be weak to throws so maybe I’ll concentrate on that first.

Maybe I’ll do my next update on 500 matches.


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