Five hundred matches later…

Well, thanks to there being a huge pool of players with good connections I was able to play my fifth hundredth match this evening. However, I wasn’t able to play against a strong opponent for my fifth hundredth match…

The statistics

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown - 500 matchesMain Character: Jean Kujo
Battle Points: 1459pts (+597pts)
Grade: Barbarian
Games: 500
– Wins: 268
– Loses: 232
– Ratio: 53.6% (+1.9%)

The journey…

It was one tough journey. I lost a lot of matches by incorporating evasions into my attack patterns. At one point, I was overly relying on them so I was constantly getting hit with either unavoidable attacks or throws. Once I learned which type of players I should use it on I needed to learn when can I use it.

Most of my combat evasion experiences have come from fighting tough Akira opponents. Each and every single one of them had their own attack style but nonetheless they were very fast and straight. One can easily feel overwhelmed by all the movements of Akira going back and fourth, then finally crumbling down to a very defensive play style. The Akira player would then typically add throws or even guard breaking attacks into their pattern. This is where you need to incorporate evasion into your game plan. The reason why these players got such high grading is because they depend on the quick but powerful attacks. I found it that I gave my opponents a tougher time when I started to evade left and right. Whilst I was hyping up the idea of evasion, I lost a lot of matches to people who are less experienced than me. Surely I couldn’t be weaker now that I’m evading?! However, watching some of my replays, I noticed that I was overly relying on it. I did it even when I didn’t need to! So thus began my training on learning when to use it.

Of course I am still learning on when to use it, but now I feel like I use it more efficiently now that I’m looking at the other person’s attack patterns more closely. It’s no longer good enough to identify an attack will come after the end of my combo, I needed to know what type of attack it was. This lead me to learn a bit more about ducking. Yes, as in crouching. It’s very effective against people who like to use sweeping kicks. Not only can you punch them out of a combo, you disrupt their rhythm and depending on the player, they could be more predictable.

Oh and Jacky seems to be the “Ken” of VF5.

Bad experiences…

I hate Kage players. They have a very good range of low attacks and even an attack which seems to be unblockable! But once you get used to the trickery (of the player) and silly range of his attacks, they’re not actually hard to beat. I’ve also added a player to my “Rage Quit” name and shame list.

The most disappointing thing for me is that I fought a 3rd dan opponent who I’ve beaten with relative ease before as my 500th match. I wanted someone challenging so I can at least brag about it. Oh well… my policy of accepting any fights from people with a green bar (and face!) forbade me to ignore his challenge.

What I’ve learnt about Jean…

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown - 500 matches screen
Jean Kujo is suitable for a very attack oriented type of player. His follow up attacks after a fully charged attack also allows players to play another layer of mind games. However, I keep using a small subset of his available attacks. I need to expand my attacks to include more of his skill set. Like sweeping attacks to catch someone evading an attack. One move I have found to be particularly useful is his straight punch (f, f, p). It’s quickish and stuns people for a few frames.

What next…

More evasion training and adopt a more aggressive fighting style. I think this is where Jean has shone the most, his aggression. Once I can get people to guard more I can employ my guard breaking attacks and throws. If the other person does’t feel the need to guard, then it becomes harder for me to keep up with the opponent. But priority wise is definitely becoming more smoother with defensive/offensive movements into attack.

Next update will be either 500 wins or 1,000 match – whichever comes first.