Dead or Alive 5 tag team trailer!

Now this is one of the reasons why I love Dead or Alive! The fast paced tag team battles!

A lot of people seem to favour a pairing Akira and Kokoro together. Although they should be using the same martial arts, I remember the feeling of them were quite different. Whilst Akira focuses on short but damaging combos punctuated with his strong kiai, Kokoro was more of a gentle character. She had a few moves which sent you flying, but nothing like Akira. The one I would like to pair up with Akira is Lei Fang! She also has the short but damaging attacks – like her body check. She does have more kicking options though with her long legs.

Out of all the new characters, I’m the least excited about “Rig”, the Taekwondo fighter. It’s nice to include another martial arts into the mix but… I dunno, there’s just something I don’t like about him.

The game does look quite good, although graphically, it looks somewhat lacking. I’m not talking about what the game looks like because it looks amazing but the battles. The hits that connect is just accompanied by a little dust puff… not sure what you call it. This doesn’t look spectacular on it’s own and doesn’t give the player that “boom!” feeling when their character connects. I think it needs a little something else but hey, I haven’t played it yet so maybe less is more! Maybe the action itself is enough to mesmerise the players.

Pre-ordered my copy already, have you?