It’s not what it seems…

Yesterday, someone requested to play me, but I declined because the connection quality between us was only one bar. He continuously sent me requests and since his mic was on, he thought I was declining the match because of his Battle Points. I sent him a message explaining that it was the quality of the connection between us (it will be a laggy game) and not due to his battle points indicator – I have played against 9th kyu players who were very good Virtua Fighter players. Anyway, he accepted this and went his own way.

Later on in the day, I found someone with a full bar connection but as the match started, the phone rings (typical). I ended up playing with one hand and was only able to guard and jab, etc. Needless to say I lost terribly. I then receive a message from the other player saying “come on, I know you can do better than that!” Turns out I’ve played him before. Anyway, I apologised and explained that I was on the phone and he said “I look forward to our next match”. I thought ok and continued playing for a while. I then get challenged by the same guy, only this time it says the connection quality is poor between us (one bar) but I felt obliged to answer his challenge because I gave him a terrible match before. So I accepted and was prepared for input lag and lag spikes. But to my surprise, there were none! It went quite smooth. It was odd that the connection didn’t reflect what was displayed. This opens up a bigger pool of players I’m willing to play.

However it wasn’t all like this. There were matches were everything lagged. It seemed random, although if the first game was laggy so were the consequent matches with the same player.

A “grey connection” always resulted in a laggy match. So now, I’ll adhere to the following rule when deciding whether to accept a challenge:

Grey = sorry, no.
Green one bar = I’ll give it a go if I haven’t played you yet.
Green two-full bars = let’s go!

But my rule on disconnection rating still stands, I will only play green faced players – low disconnecting rate. This obviously will over rule the connection quality.

I’m really looking forward to facing the players I have ignored so far! Hopefully they won’t mind and will accept my challenges.

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