I wasn’t into the London Olympics when it first started. It meant changes to stations I commute to and a more unpleasant journey to work overall.

After watching some of the women’s basketball coverage I was quite into it. Well… only the women’s basketball. I did think about why and it is really down to the different strategies and techniques in play. Mens basketball seem to be dominated by physical strength (over skill) and fame seekers (which makes them more greedy and do super flamboyant movements). So it was a good reminder of how basketball should be played.

A few of the female players have really stood out during these two weeks but Diana Taurasi really stood out for me. I guess it her ability – she has great ball control, she can shoot just about anywhere, she’s not afraid to drive the ball in, supports her team mates and is generally a very energetic character.

When I watched the USA’s first game, nobody stood out, but as the third (I think) game was playing, Taurasi seemed to have gotten into her rhythm and played very well. I must admit I don’t know much about WNBA but she impressed me so much that I looked on youtube for some of her games. All I can say is if she plays like she does in the WNBA in the finals, the USA will wipe the floor with the French team. HOWEVER, the French has a really good player on their side too and it’d be interesting to see how each side will play.

I don’t usually support the US teams but on this occasion, I hope Taurasi and her team come out on top. I generally think they’re the more capable team. So good luck Diana Taurasi.


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