Metro newspaper games reviewer…

Today in The Metro, Namco’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2 had been reviewed. The reviewer DJ praises the game to no end and points out that playing against human opponents is enough to forgive the limited story mode. Yet, when reviewing Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown a few months ago, he complained the lack of a story mode?!

His review of VF5 contained a very negative tone and showed he didn’t have much interest in the game. But it is his opinion and he’s entitled to it. DJ absolutely loves TTT2 but it’s evident he’s no fighting game fan.

It’s true TTT2 looks great and it can be fun to play. It’s easy game mechanics make it a good game for not so serious gamers to play. It does have a lot of characters who are similar, if not the same, so transferring playing style from one character to another is not going to be a problem.

Despite the good reviews from several places, I won’t be getting TTT2 because I played it in the Japanese arcades and it was… a little boring. Ok, I didn’t know how to perform tag combos properly, but it was easy to win by just tagging a character out to reserve their health and just fight as an individual. Whereas when I was playing other games, I had an amazing time (mostly because they weren’t released in Europe… yet). I think people should definitely give the TTT2 a go though as words can’t describe a fighting game experience – it all depends on how much you like fighting games.


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