Dead or Alive 5 – Mila & Pai

Dead or Alive 5 - Mila

Finally new characters have been announced for Dead or Alive 5! Mila is an MMA character and her fighting style resembles that of Vanessa and Jean Kujo to me… although I do recognise some of Hitomi and Ein style of attack too. I guess that’s exactly what her style is, Mixed Martial Arts.

Dead or Alive 5 -

The other character to be announced is Pai from Virtua Fighter. This is Team Ninja’s way of paying homage to the father of 3D fighting games. I haven’t seen footage of Pai yet, but judging by Akira and Sarah Bryant, she’ll also be very fluid and keep most of her moves.

Looking forward to the game! Might take the whole week off work to play it haha

Dead or Alive 5 - Gen Fu / Pai