Weekend shiai

It’s been a while since my last Kendo shiai, so I wasn’t sure how I would perform in this years Bowden team shiai.

My day didn’t start great, I woke up extra early just so I have plenty of time to find parking space, etc… but left the house later than planned. It was also the first time for me to drive so far without my TomTom (SatNav) so I took wrong turns and was a little stressed about getting there. When I eventually got there, imagine how angry I was to learn there wasn’t free parking! I had to park my car in a NCP when usually, they offer free on site parking. So this made me even more late (well arrive later than I wanted).

I was late in joining for warm up as well – something I’ve never done before. I didn’t feel good at all, I was stiff and the blank on Thursday meant I didn’t feel ready. Waiting 3-4 hours for my fight wasn’t exactly exciting neither.

As the day went on it did get better though. I drew my first fight but won my second with two men cuts. It’s a shame that we couldn’t progress pass the pools but at least our other team came third in the whole shiai.

We went out for dinner afterwards which were great – ok so I had no idea where to go and nearly had a car accident, but hey, we had a great laugh!

I’ve recently questioned myself whether my passion for Kendo is as great as when I first started and whether I could honestly see myself doing it in the future. The answer is yes, only if things stay the same though. I’ve been missing more and more practices lately, this could be due to being tired from work or something else. Like tonight, I missed training. I want to get far in Kendo, I want to get a bit more out of it. I’ve got to put in more effort.


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