CheekyChi Vs Habanero burger

I have so many days of annual leave to take I didn’t know what to do. So I took yesterday off as work has been hectic. I spent my afternoon in Canary Wharf and for lunch, I went to GBK to try out their Habanero burger.

The burger consisted of a fiery tomato & habanero jam, mozzarella, salad & mayo. I was really excited about it because the menu marked this burger with 3 red hot chillies next to it’s name and nothing else had chillies. When the burger came it looked quite small – I’m a guy who loves big portions, but thought I shouldn’t underestimate this fiery burger.

GBK - Habanero burger

Despite the description, it wasn’t all that fiery at all. I would give it one chilli for it’s level of hotness (5 being the highest). However, despite it’s look, it was quite filling – although having two sides probably helped.

A few months ago, I also challenged GBK’s “The Mighty” burger. It had two beef patties, aged Cheddar, crispy bacon, garlic mayo, salad, relish & dill pickle. Needless to say it was much more filling it’s probably my favourite GBK burger at the moment.

GBK - The Mighty

Which burger should I challenge next?

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