I Pre-order you!!!

So I decided to pre-order a copy of Dead or Alive 5 back in June. The UK release date was yesterday -28th September. But despite this my order was only sent out in the late afternoon of Friday (28th September) so there is no way it was going to reach me on launch day.

I’m a little annoyed because I do recall a time when online retail competition was fierce. Promises such as getting your order to you on launch day or having first class/next day delivery as standard. But now, all of that seems to be in the past now. I guess it is good to get a good price on an item and to ensure that you will get your “limited edition”, but what good is it when I don’t get it until a couple of days after everyone? The ETA I’ve been given is Wednesday 3rd October. Add to the fact that it’s in the middle of the week I’m not actually going to play it until the weekend – which I will be busy doing a Kendo demonstration… great. So what is the purpose of pre-ordering now? There doesn’t seem to be any advantages (unless you’re getting a limited edition) over buying from a local store. I might actually try a few other places when pre-ordering now to see if they will deliver any earlier as Zavvi clearly doesn’t have customer’s in their minds when making decisions.


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