To be or not to be… an owner of Resident Evil 6?

I’m in two minds about Resident Evil 6. There are a lot of bad reviews of the game, often complaining that it’s nothing like the original RE. But I have no problem with that as I’ve only played the 5th game in the series.

Interestingly, you have 3 different campaigns to play through each with their own unique style of play. This reminds me of Sonic Adventure and Ninety Nine Nights. I enjoyed those games and it gave players a different perspective of the story. The main issue I’m most worried about are complaints that stories aren’t fully explained and endings don’t feel like actual endings. I hated Assassins Creed for this too. Upon completing the game, you’re not rewarded with an ending, instead it’s the opening of the next game. I guess it will all depend on whether I will enjoy the demo.


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