Unboxing of Dead or Alive 5!!

Finally received my copy of Dead or Alive 5(collectors edition). The packaging is massive!! Makes me feel my £55 was worth it already!

Dead or Alive 5 packaging

I took the game out of the package and was quite impressed with how big the box is although the “steel” box feels a bit cheap… The box gives the feeling that there’s a lot in the box and that’s the right impression to give!

Dead or Alive 5 - collectors edition case

I was really happy with the contents of the collectors edition. There’s the custom steel case, a sleeve, a sound track CD, a big poster (although it’s got disgusting creases on it), a costume redemption card, an art book and of course the game! I didn’t read the description properly and didn’t know there was an art book included, so I was pleasantly surprised with this discovery.

Dead or Alive 5 - collectors edition content

What’s also great is the announcement that there are free costumes to be downloaded. Yay! Freebies!! I think Team Ninja really did set out to try and impress their fans and the contents show.

The real question is how good is the game? The bad news is I will only have free time in the weekend… 😦


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