Dead or Alive 5 – first impressions

After being impressed by the packaging of the game I couldn’t hold off for any longer (skipped Kendo training! >< ). I spent about two hours getting a feel of the game and I'm liking it.

Dead or Alive 5 - Lei Fang Jahn Lee

The first thing I did was spend 20 minutes downloading all the DLC I have – the free extra costumes, the swimsuits and to my surprise, bunny costumes for 3-4 characters just for placing a preorder with Zavvi. I'm liking the main music theme too, I had it on whilst downloading stuff and it sounds great.

I then started up training mode and decided to go through the command training for Kasumi (in her swimsuit of course). There were familiar combos and a fair amount of new ones and I'm loving her "teleport" moves. It makes the ninja characters feel more… ninja!! You can see right off the bat how you can start mixing up different finishes to avoid being countered. It definitely made me feel that Team Ninja is serious about making Dead or Alive 5 a serious fighting game.

I like how you can choose to see what options are available at the bottom of the screen – which change depending on the buttons you're pressing. I also liked how they mixed the sequence of command training, usually, you get a punch x3 can lead to X, Y or Z. But instead of grouping all similar attacks together they grouped some and then cover the rest later on. This makes it a lot more interesting to do these command inputs. But unlike Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, it doesn't tell you how to get into a stance, you might have done it not long ago but it's difficult to remember.

In the 2 hours I was only able to visit a small part of training mode and there's still a lot on offer. I will find out more soon… hopefully…

Signing off with DoA5's theme – I'm a fighter…