WordPress 1.7 tryout

Finally, an update to WordPress 1.7 for Windows Phone which enables bloggers to store a working draft locally on your mobile device! It really should have been present in the earlier releases but it’s finally here.

When working on the go, a connection can’t be guaranteed, so allowing people to save their content locally on the device is very sensible, there’s been so many times I’ve lost my edits to a blog post because I couldn’t connect to the WordPress servers.

Saving locally is easy, you just select ‘local draft’ from a drop down menu and hit save. It also takes less time to save too since it doesn’t need to connect to a remote server. You can easily identify a locally saved draft as it will be marked as such.

But as with many updates and new releases WordPress 1.7 is not without bugs. If I can, I would rather be working locally on my mobile device until I can get to my desktop where a connection is available. With this in mind, it’s quite often that I will start working on more than one working draft. I want to save them all locally and this introduces the first bug. The titles which link to the local drafts have been swapped. So draft A will link to draft B and vice versa. Not only this, but the online draft will also display one of the local draft’s title. It was very confusing at first.

One big issue is when you try to save a local draft as an online draft whilst you can’t connect to the server. You will get an error message. If you exit and go back, you will find your draft to be helpfully deleted. There’s no way of retrieving the data. This is the third time I’m writing this because of this bug.

Another slight issue is that once you have made an online draft, you can’t save it locally. This absurd as if you’re ever in the situation where you are editing an online draft and don’t have network access, you’re screwed as you can’t save your work. They should allow users to inter-change between the type to allow flexibility in the way people work.

I still need to test whether long posts will show invisible text.

The update has some interesting new features, but bugs and rigid design prevents these new features from performing to the maximum potential.

UPDATE: there was a patch available for download this morning. I thought it would render my post out of date but the issues remain.


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