Closing of 2012…


Wow… 2012… A lot has happened during this time. I was made redundant, I found new work, the Olympics held in London, highs and lows of my Kendo career… How exciting.

The beginning of the year was a new start. I had moved to a new office so it was a new journey into work. The kangeiko hosted by our dojo was fun and I even managed to come first place in our internal dojo taikai. It was also during this time I realised I had feelings for someone I shouldn’t have. Anyway in February I was given the news of being made redundant and it made some negative impact on me. I started to get worried about my work situation and whether I would be able to keep up with mortgage payments. This played on my mind for a while which led me to lose self esteem and started to distance myself from some people.

Fortunately, I did find a new job in May as a Digital Artworker. Its proven to be an interesting and challenging job and one where I’m constantly learning from. I also enjoyed watching the London Olympics. Although I was inspired by some of the athletes, it was also this time when I became lazy and neglected my Kendo. Summer was very warm and my radiator was stuck at an “on” state at one point. My niece was born in June of this year, she’s received a very loving welcome from both sides of the family.

In the third part of the year my sparse attendance at training continued. I was working very hard at work to pass my probation period and I felt responsible to finish all the work that’s been assigned to me. This resulted in long hours and short lunch breaks. I didn’t want to get into that scary situation where I could lose my home again. In return I’ve earned the trust and respect of my colleagues. I was also involved with a major car manufacturer’s advertising campaign…. by being the model. I wasn’t used to someone taking pictures of me but it was a good fun experience.

In the final part of the year, through the loss in a competition, I realised just how out of practice I was. This renewed my resolve to get better and to attend more training sessions again. I felt like I didn’t just let myself down, I let everyone who believed in me down.

The end of the year was great, got to celebrate Christmas with my niece and spent 5-6 hours in IKEA! That’s a new record.

Hope everyone has a great 2013!!