HTC HD 7 move to Samsung Ativ S

Finally upgraded from my old HTC HD 7 to my new Samsung Ativ S.

Samsung Ativ S
Samsung Ativ S

I’m really happy with the change. The new Windows 8 phone os is great, it allows you to arrange your live tiles in a clever way. The larger the size of your tile the more detail will be displayed. Which means you choose how much data you see. It gives us (near) full control.

Not only does my Ativ S have a larger screen, it looks much sharper and more vibrant. The battery last longer – after a full charge, its enough for me to use for 2 days of medium usage. Heavy usage does drain the battery life considerably as it will then go on for a day. It feels a bit slippery, it could be the dry weather or it could be the actual design of the phone.

One thing I’m unsure of is the WorldPress app. I used to be able to edit posts when my phone is vertical or horizontal. But now, I can only edit posts vertically up. It doesn’t change anymore. I don’t like this as I prefer typing with two hands instead of one. But it’s minor, this way I can type whilst laying down on my side.