Kendo 2013… story so far…

Yesterday I felt good, made me ready for this weekends competition. Don’t really want to fight in the individuals, but I was asked to so guess I should. It’ll be a warm up for the team event if anything.

Our kangeiko was quite tough, but I feel as if its made me regain most of my previous form. Continuous Kiai during Kakarigeiko, meaning my cut more other than just tapping the targets – things I tried to recover from the end of last year but couldn’t. There was one session where I had personal advice from Sensei about what I was trying to achieve – smaller cuts with bigger footwork. I’m more aware of where my arm needs to be for a smaller cut.

To me, shiai is a sport. You hit the other person and if it looks close enough to Kendo, then you’re likely to get a point. Lets hope I’m sharp enough.


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