Keep em coming!

To generically categorise my next two games, both will be a third person “action” game. Metal Gear Rising (released on Friday) and Tomb Raider (released within two weeks of the previous). This is a little odd for me, as I mainly buy fighting games and all of a sudden, I’m buying a lot of games where you see your character run around completing missions. Ninja Gaiden and Assassin’s Creed has shown me that these genres can also be fun. It was my friend who lent me his games that I finally decides to give it a try though.

I just can’t wait for the sword action in Metal Gear Rising has to offer. The freeze time cutting action seems fun and the act of taking out the spines completing the move sounds awesome – hopefully this will be visually stunning!

I’m not into Tomb Raider games, but I’ve been curious about the new one since the E3 expo footage. The game looks like a refreshing change on the role of the protagonist – a survivor. The follow up videos of the game certainly makes me want to play the game more and more.

I absolutely cannot wait until I get my hands on them! Rawr!!!