First impressions: Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider - Survival Edition
Tomb Raider – Survival Edition

My pre-ordered Tomb Raider Survival Edition from GAME was received on the day of release. It came with lots of freebies and I like collecting these merchandises so that was a real bonus.

Included is the game, a pouch, an artwork book and a poster. The quality of the pouch was quite good and the poster was of average quality (average as in similar to other posters from other games). I was a little disappointed with the artwork book though. The paper weight was a good choice but the binding could’ve been better. The artwork was amazing though and I also got a bunch of DLC.

Well, I’m no Lara fan, I haven’t played any of the previous games except a demo on the Sega Saturn, so I can’t compare it to the previous games. Although the first few minutes of the game wasn’t new as this has already been showcased in the last E3. Playing those scenes was still intense. I also liked the flow of the game, especially how the story is unfolding and I think the voice acting is really helping deliver this. It’s also good to see that all the video footage I’ve watched are early in the game so I don’t regret watching them at all.

Unlike the Saturn demo experience I found the combat in Tomb Raider intense and exciting. The computer AI does a good job at creating pressure and trying to kill you – in other titles enemies can be either extremely difficult or wimpy push overs. I found myself hiding behind cover trying to work out which guard to take out first and if I get noticed what my backup strategy is. I prefer the enemy detection system in this game, if they see you they see you. There is no gauge to give you a chance to re-hide yourself and plan your approach differently, no second chances.

The skill system is a nice addition to the game. You can choose to invest in your adventure skills or become a commando class killer. I haven’t had the chance to revisit locations yet and I haven’t really gotten enough skills to be doing so. I have yet to venture into the multiplayer modes but I will leave that to the weekend, otherwise my competitive attitude will take over and I won’t sleep at all.

I’m really enjoying this Tomb Raider experience. Well done Crystal Dynamics!


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