Mission complete: Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider

Sunday 17th March 2013 I’ve completed Tomb Raider and tried out the multiplayer mode. This rebooted Tomb Raider is a top class game – everything feels like it was designed to bring the best gaming experience possible and it definitely hit the spot for me!

Tomb Raider offers a great story, intensive battles and challenging puzzles – this is easily the best adventure game I’ve played. Upon completion, I am considering playing a second time on a higher difficulty setting. My favourite part of this game is Lara’s adventure (all of it), I’ve enjoyed developing the innocent and naive Lara into a battle hardened adventurer. The dangers she encounters on her journey were very challenging to overcome but at the end felt rewarding and exciting.

Tomb Raider - stats
Tomb Raider – stats

The multiplayer was different to other third person shooters and can get some getting used to for me, but I do like how investing time in multiplayer will reward you with better gear and skills.

From the quality of the game, it’s apparent the developers did strive for perfection – everything just feels well thought out and be the way it should be. I am very intrigued about a sequel, I love this game because of the survivor theme and development of Lara, but I’m wondering how they will improve upon what they have already. They’ve set a very high bar for themselves. I do hope they keep the same voice actors though as they helped tremendously to bring the story to life.


I loved the whole experience and look forward to more games trying to bring the perfect experience to gamers. Thanks Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix for this astonishing game.


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