Lucky number 7

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown 777 wins
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown 777 wins
I’ve finally achieved my 777th win with Jean Kujo in online ranked matches! It’s taken a total of 1,638 matches to reach this number of wins. This gives me a win ratio of 47%.

My rank even dropped from Barbarian to Hunter and now it’s back to Raider. I am learning and re-learning a lot though. I’m trying to incorporate frame data into my game but the hesitation and slow speed of recalling frame data hinders me. I can only hope that the more I play, the more this hesitation will shorten and even disappear once I get used to it.

The thing I’m trying to desperately re-learn is Easy Throw Escaping (ETE). I used to do this automatically (after giving away so many free throws) but after taking a break from Virtua Fighter the habit has gone. I need to get this down again so at least I have (from an objective point of view) 33% chance of throw escaping. Obviously it’s not really 33% as there are many factors which will dictate the real chances of a throw escape.

The next update will be when I get either a 1,000 wins or 1,000 loses… the latter sounds more realistic.


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